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How To Make Your Luxury Duvet Last A Long Time

Down duvets are considered the height of luxury bedding. Valued for their softness and warmth, they make any bed look like it belongs to royalty. Because the best duvets are often an investment, it is important to know what a down duvet is and how to take care of one properly. A quality duvet can last a very long time if the proper steps are taken to maintain it. Some down comforters are even considered heirloom products because they can last an entire lifetime.


Understanding Your Down Duvet

A duvet is a type of cover used as the top layer of your bedding. It is made from an outer encasement, sometimes referred to as a shell, which is filled with a special filling to provide warmth and insulation. Duvets can be filled with synthetic materials, or natural materials like wool, feathers, or ideally down, which is the most efficient option and also the most comfortable. This remarkable filling comes from the soft, small plumes under the exterior feathers of a duck or goose. It’s incredibly soft, warm, and lightweight. This is why a down duvet can offer so much warmth and comfort while also being so light and breathable.


Pre-maintenance To Perform When You Get Your New Duvet

When first opened, your new comforter may have flattened out slightly after being compressed for packaging. Don’t worry, down is very resilient and always bounces back to its original loft. All you need to do is let it air out and fluff it up a bit before using it. You can do this by hand or use the dryer. You will also want to make sure you have more than one cover for your duvet and change them out regularly to keep the outer shell and insulation clean. Never clean or dry your duvet without reading the specific care instructions for that product.


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Tips For On-Going Duvet Maintenance

At first glance, it might seem overwhelming to think of washing and maintaining this large puffy comforter. The good news is that a duvet cover only needs to be washed about once every week or two. The inner part of the duvet can go up to ten years without being washed if the covers are washed frequently and consistently. This is the most important factor in maintaining the quality of your duvet. The insert itself can be aired out in the summer on a clothesline once every year to keep it fresh.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for washing. You can wash the covers with a conventional washer and dryer, but many people prefer to have the duvet itself cleaned professionally.

If your down comforter starts to look flat, you can fluff it in the dryer on low heat. To help with the fluffing, throw in some wool dryer balls or clean tennis balls. You can fluff the duvet for up to 40 minutes, stopping every 10 minutes or so to make sure it is still spinning evenly and not being compressed.

If you choose to wash the duvet yourself, make sure to use down-safe detergent; a small amount will do, and use a gentle cycle. Dry in an oversized dryer and let it air dry for an additional 24 hours to avoid mildew forming inside. We always recommend using a front-loading washer and dryer. If you don’t have one you will probably want to have it professionally cleaned. Remember to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for your specific product.


Can You Spot-Clean A Duvet?

If you spill something on your duvet cover and fear it might have gone through to the inner shell, you can spot-clean the area. First, use your fingers to move the down away from the area you are about to clean. Next, dab the area with a mild soap or a spot-remover. Rinse the area with water, a little bit at a time, and dry by dabbing with a clean towel and/or using a common hairdryer.


Storage Tips For Off-Season

Depending on where you live and the temperature of your bedroom, you might not want duvet bedding all year. When it’s time to store your comforter, first make sure that it is clean and 100 percent dry. The best way to store the duvet is nicely folded on the shelf of a linen closet. You can purchase a cotton storage bag to protect it from dust and unwanted pests. Most high end duvets come with these cotton bags, like the selection you’ll find on our website here.

If you follow these tips, your down comforter should last you for many, many years. While some experts suggest getting a new duvet after five years, very high quality products, like ours at Luxury Sleep Shop, can last a lifetime if cared for properly.
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