Polish White Goose Down - St Genève Estate Pillow

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Comes with a free high quality pillow protector

This is our beautiful Polish white goose down Estate pillow. With a loft of 670, it is exceptionally soft and supportive. The value of this product is truly unmatched. With such trusted quality you can be sure to be delighted with the Estate Pillow every night.

The down filling is covered with a special SoLoft™ 100% cotton, imported from Germany. This 300 thread count cotton twill has no chemical finishes; just pure natural cotton that is specially woven to make it permanently down proof and dust mite proof, even after repeated washes.

Hand filled and stitched at the St Genève atelier in British Columbia with a special emphasis on quality and durability. This is a pillow you can count on for years of restful sleep. 

Certified under the ZURGUARD® system, all of our down products are guaranteed hypoallergenic.

Every pillow purchased comes with a free 100% cotton 300 thread count pillow protector made in Israel. We firmly recommend using a good quality pillow protector at all times, in addition to your pillowcase, to preserve your pillow. 

PLEASE NOTE: All of our pillows and duvets are made-upon-order, by hand. Please allow up to 3 weeks production time for us to ensure that your product is held to the highest standards. We strongly urge you to read our Purchasing GuideProduct Care Guide and Terms Of Sales, before submitting your order.



Down Specifications:

  • 670 loft
  • White goose down imported from Poland
  • ZURGUARD® certified hypoallergenic
  • DOWNMARK® certified for authenticity
  • Certified SUPERWASH™ for machine washing


Shell Specifications:

  • 300 thread count
  • SoLoft™ 100% cotton twill
  • Fabric imported from Germany
  • Piped with white satin cording
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class One


Pillow Protector Specifications:

  • 300 thread count
  • 100 % cotton
  • Fabric imported from Israel
  • Sateen weave



Please read:

Purchasing Guide

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Terms of Sales


What is Loft? 

Learn more about St Genève



What is the right size pillow for my bed?

A queen size bed should have two queens, and a King size bed should have either 2 king size or 3 regular size. For more information on sizes please see our Purchasing Guide

Are goose down pillows supportive enough?

They offer as much support as any other material and are actually more responsive in the way they form to the weight and shape of your head. Read our purchasing guide here to find the right pillow for you.

Is down better than synthetic materials?

It is not only more resilient, which means it will last longer, but also more responsive, which means it can adapt better to your body and your head unlike any other material. 

Are these pillows good for the environment?

Natural bedding, like down, has a much lower impact on the environment than synthetic.


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Very Happy

We're very happy with these pillows. I didn't know goose down was so supportive. I'm already recommending them to my friends and family.