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eiderdown luxury down duvet

Eiderdown is the softest and most luxurious down in existence. While it tests at 700 loft, its unique high density and cling make it insulate at a much higher rate and many consider it more efficient than 1000 loft down. The insulating capacity of Eiderdown bedding is so advanced that it adjusts to the body heat of the person using it better than any other material, meaning it stays warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer while being extraordinarily light weight.

Our Eiderdown duvets are ideal for anyone who desires an exceptionally soft and responsive feel, and the experience of pure opulence. This is truly the most exquisite and sought after down available on Earth. It's the closest one can get to sleeping in a cloud.

Eiderdown comes from wild Eider ducks. These ducks live and nest in Canadian arctic and subarctic coastal marine areas. Female Eider ducks carefully pluck down from their breast and use it to build their nests. The down is then meticulously collected directly from Eider nests in small portions. For generations the local farmers have created a bond between themselves and the Eiders, allowing them to collect the precious down without harming or disturbing the birds. Learn more here.

Proceeds from the collection and sale of this remarkable filling contribute to Eider habitat protection to ensure that the birds have a safe place to nest each year.

Each of our Eiderdown products come with a special certified seal of authenticity.


If you have questions about Eiderdown please inquire at the email below.

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