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Why do most companies not accept returns for pillows and duvets?

Due to the nature of the industry most companies do not accept returns for bedding items. This is because they cannot be ethically re-sold, for hygienic reasons. Luxury Sleep Shop does not accept returns but all of our products are covered by an extensive warranty.


How long will it take to get my order?

To ensure the highest standards for quality and craftsmanship, production time can take up to 3 weeks from the time your order is placed, however it is typically about one week. Depending on your location, delivery time is an additional 2-7 business days. Most customers receive their orders within 2 weeks from the time of purchase.


What is the difference between goose down and duck down?

With the exception of the Eider ducks, geese are regarded as producing higher quality material than ducks. This is simply because larger birds produce larger clusters. The larger the cluster the higher the loft, and the more effective it is as a filling and an insulator.


What is the difference between down and feathers?

The most important difference is that feathers have a hard quill which feathery fibers protrude from. Even the smallest fluffiest feathers still have a hard quill that makes them less ideal for comfort or insulation. Down is a fluffy undercoat from the bird which does not have a quill. It is lighter and more responsive than feathers. This undercoat is what keeps the bird warm in harsh cold climates.


Is down warmer than polyester?

It is not only warmer but also more breathable and resilient than any synthetic bedding material. Synthetic materials like polyester are also less sustainable and have a negative impact on the environment.

What is loft or fill-power?

Loft (sometimes referred to as fill-power) is determined by how much space one ounce of filling can take up. The higher the loft, the more space that one ounce can fill. In other words, if it has a high loft it is of higher quality, because it requires less in weight to offer the same in volume.


Are your products bad for allergies?

Duck and geese allergies have been proven to be very uncommon and only occur in some rare cases. What most people mistake as down & feather allergies are actually dust mite allergies. Dust mites are attracted to dead skin cells and moisture, so it is immensely important to wash your duvet covers and pillow covers frequently. All of the filling used in our products goes through a thorough cleansing process to remove any potential allergens.

Why is Eiderdown so expensive?

It is expensive for two main reasons: 1) It is uniquely soft, responsive, and has a more effective insulating capacity than any other filling. 2) It is meticulously collected directly from Eider nests in small portions and takes a great deal of time and effort to procure.


Where does the best goose down come from?

There are several countries that will claim to produce the best, but our supplier, St Genève, has more than 50 years experience prioritizing only the highest quality filling. We trust their opinion that Poland and Canada continue to produce the best on Earth.


How do I know my pillow or duvet is authentic?

All of our goods come with the Downmark® certificate of authenticity. Downmark® is the global symbol for quality, issued by The Down Association of Canada, an independent, non-profit organization. Only the highest quality and most reputable products receive this certificate.

What does Downmark certified mean?

Downmark® is the global symbol of quality. They are the world leaders in quality control for down products. They've been committed to protecting consumers for more than 40 years. We encourage customers to always look for the Downmark® label before purchasing.


Does Luxury Sleep Shop only sell duvets and pillows?

Yes, those are the items we specialize in. We consider ourselves down bedding experts, and we strive to keep our energy focused on those products, and maintaining the highest quality possible.

Where does St Genève get it’s materials from?

St Genève is committed to obtaining it's fill from sources that are sustainable and ethical. The farms they source from meet or exceed the highest humane practices for raising geese and ducks. These farms are located throughout Canada and Poland.


How long has St Genève been making bedding?

St Genève duvets and pillows are handcrafted with the unparalleled mastery and meticulous attention to detail that comes from over 50 years of industry experience.


Does St Genève make the best bedding?

In our opinion, yes. For decades St Genève has had a well established reputation for producing world-class goods. We have yet to see another company so passionately dedicated to quality materials and workmanship.

Can you wash a goose down product?

Our materials are SUPERWASH™ certified for machine washing, so yes they can be washed, but they should not be washed often and the product care instructions should always be followed carefully. It is vitally important to always use pillowcases, pillow protectors and duvet covers at all times and wash these coverings frequently.

What makes down filling better?

It is the most adaptable insulator for duvets and the most supportive and responsive filling for pillows. There is no material on Earth more effective, more luxurious, more comfortable, and more sustainable. As a bonus, goose down products also last longer than synthetic bedding. If cared for properly a quality comforter can last a lifetime.


How often should I replace my down pillow or duvet?

If properly cared for, your bedding can last many, many years. Pillows do wear out over time, due to the effects of moisture and the weight from your head, but they should still last up to 10 years or more, if cared for properly. A well cared for down comforter should last well beyond 20 years.

Is my purchase 100 % down?

Because of it's natural qualities, it is not possible to perfectly separate it's clusters from other natural material. However, in order for it to measure a higher loft, it must be almost entirely pure. All of our products are high-loft which means the percentage of pure down is likely above 90%.


How do I know how firm my pillow should be?

We have a purchasing guide here. It will help you to determine which firmness is best for your specific needs.


How long does it take to break in a down pillow?

It varies depending on it's firmness and the person using it, but most will take between two and four weeks to start breaking in. It’s important to note that there is an adjustment period for your body to adapt as well, which usually takes one to two weeks.

Why do pillows go flat?

Over time it will lose its firmness. This is because of the weight it is subjected to and also due to moisture and dirt caused by saliva, sweat, oily skin and hair products. The more you can protect it from moisture and dirt, the longer it will last. This is why it’s important to use a clean case and protector at all times.

How do I fluff up my pillow?

The accordion method is said to be the most effective way to fluff. Simply hold it at opposite ends and squish it together and then back, numerous times, like you’re playing an accordion. Do this lengthwise and widthwise for maximum fluffiness.

Can you fluff down pillows in the dryer?

We don’t recommend fluffing our products in the dryer. You should minimize washing and/or drying down bedding as much as possible.

What is the difference between summer and ultralight duvets?

The summer weight has less filling which makes it ideal for regulating heat and keeping you cool if you sleep warm or in warm conditions. The ultralight is simply an even lighter version for those who sleep extra hot or in especially warm conditions.


Can a down comforter keep you cool in the summer?

A summer or ultralight duvet provides the comfort of having something to cover you as you sleep, while also allowing air to flow in and out instead of trapping warm air inside. There is no synthetic material more breathable than natural goose down.


What fill weight is best for hot sleepers?

Summer or ultralight are the best options for those who sleep warm or hot.


What kind of duvet should I buy?

When it comes to down comforters, you’ll want to purchase a higher loft product, no lower than 500 loft. Generally speaking, the higher the loft the better, so it really just depends on your budget. To determine the best fill/weight for you, have a look at our purchasing guide here.
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