Polish White Goose Down - St Genève Embassy Duvet

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The Embassy luxury duvet is truly a premium down product. This is the highest fill power down available at 1000 loft. It has some of the largest clusters we have ever seen and exhibits similar clinging abilities to Eiderdown.

As a result of strict criteria and painstaking sorting standards, the sumptuous Embassy Polish down is the highest quality white goose down in the world. Its remarkably large clusters and puffiness provide endless comfort to this heirloom quality duvet.

The outer encasement of the Embassy is made with a beautifully soft and lightweight cotton batiste blend from Germany, containing botanic TENCEL™ lyocell fibers. If it wasn't for its amazing insulating powers, you would wonder if this lighter-than-air bedding was even there at all.

We firmly recommend using a clean duvet cover at all times and changing it often to preserve your duvet.

Certified under the ZURGUARD® system, all of our down products are guaranteed hypoallergenic.


PLEASE NOTE: All of our pillows and duvets are made-upon-order, by hand. Please allow up to 3 weeks production time for us to ensure that your product is held to the highest standards. We strongly urge you to read our Purchasing GuideProduct Care Guide and Terms Of Sales, before submitting your order.



Down Specifications:

  • 1000 loft
  • White goose down imported from Poland
  • ZURGUARD® certified hypoallergenic
  • DOWNMARK® certified for authenticity


Shell Specifications:

  • 340 thread count cotton batiste
  • Made with 52% TENCEL™ lyocell fibers and 48% cotton
  • Hand sewn in sealed baffle box design
  • Fabric imported from Germany
  • Piped with white sateen cording
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class One



Please read:

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What is Loft? 

Learn more about St Genève



What does Downmark certified mean?

The Downmark® symbol indicates that the product is certified by the Down Association of Canada. They are the global leaders for authentication, and reducing fraud.

Are ultralight and summer duvets the same thing?

Summer weight is ideal for those who sleep warm, or in warm rooms. Ultralight is ideal for people who sleep hot but still want the comfort of a light covering.

Will my down comforter last a long time?

Well cared for duvets have been known to last for over 40 years.

How do I air out my duvet?

It’s a good idea to take advantage of warm dry weather and air out your bedding a couple times per year. Here is our guide for doing just that.


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Customer Reviews

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The Best Site for St. Geneve Bedding!!

This duvet is GORGEOUS. My boyfriend and I luxuriate in it every night. Truly fluffy and light. To be cliche, it really is like we’re sleeping in a cloud. Just a couple of notes: The comforter is a little noisy compared to some of the other duvets. I have a twin Salzburg and it’s much quieter, though it doesn’t have the same loft (still gorgeous and we love it!). Also, we live in New Jersey where it gets quite cold in the winter. We purchased the classic weight in the Embassy and we do wish we would have gone with a lighter weight to start. Currently we sleep with the windows open (probably equates to 50-55 degrees in the room) and are quite cozy, but it would be great to have the option to sleep with the windows closed! (When in doubt, go down in weight! They can always add extra down but they can’t take any out.)

As an aside:

I absolutely love St. Geneve duvets and pillows — but so many sites sell their products for prices that are simply out of my reach. My Luxury Sleep Shop is completely different; not only are their prices unbeatable, but their customer service is absolutely excellent. They’ve been nothing but friendly, helpful, and generous with me…I’m a repeat customer for a reason!

Best Duvet Ever!!

This is the best duvet I have ever owned or slept in. The quality is unmatched and feels like jumping into a cloud every evening. I will never buy another duvet that is not St. Geneve again! The price is worth the quality!

The quality I've been looking for

I had heard a lot about this duvet before purchasing it. My expectations were quite high, and I have to say, this is an investment I will never regret! Absolutely stunning and so skillfully made. I'm planning to keep this duvet for the rest of my life.