St Genève Lajord Bundle (Duvet + 2 Pillows)

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Included are two top quality pillow protectors at no extra charge

The Lajord duvet and pillows stand out as two of St Genève's top-selling products, and it's not hard to see why. With its impressive 850 loft, the down used here offers unparalleled softness.

Coupled with its smooth 100% cotton sateen shell boasting a thread count of 400, the duvet ensures countless nights of luxurious coziness, and the pillow is soft and supple with its 100% SoLoft™ cotton twill shell.

The Hutterites, a long-established Christian community, are responsible for gathering the beautiful filling used in these products. They lead a humble agricultural life and diligently tend to their farm situated in southern Saskatchewan. The Hutterite people place immense importance on raising geese that roam freely and produce exquisite, fluffy white down. St Genève acquires the entire yearly output from these farms, making this particular down exceedingly rare and exclusive.

The Lajord duvet and pillows, just like all our other products, are meticulously filled and stitched by hand in British Columbia. We pay utmost attention to ensure we achieve top-notch quality and intricate details, aiming to provide the ultimate comfort, for an enhanced sleeping experience.

We firmly recommend using a clean duvet cover, pillow cases, and pillow protectors at all times to preserve your purchase for many years.

All of our down products are hypoallergenic, ensuring a safe and allergen-free experience.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our bedding is made-to-order. Kindly allocate a possible maximum of 3 weeks for us to produce your product with precision and quality, hand-made to order. We highly recommend that you review our Purchasing Guide, Product Care Guide, and Terms of Sales prior to placing your order.

Down Specifications:

850 loft
⦁ Free range Canadian white goose down
⦁ ZURGUARD® certified hypoallergenic
⦁ DOWNMARK® certified for authenticity

Duvet Shell Specifications:

⦁ 400 thread count
⦁ 100% cotton sateen
⦁ Hand sewn in sealed baffle box design
⦁ Piped with white sateen cording
⦁ Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class One

Pillow Shell Specifications:

⦁ 300 thread count
⦁ SoLoft™ 100% cotton twill
⦁ Fabric imported from Germany
⦁ Piped with white satin cording
⦁ Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class One

Pillow Protector Specifications:

⦁ 300 thread count
⦁ 100 % cotton
⦁ Fabric imported from Israel
⦁ Sateen weave

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