Polish White Goose Down - St Genève Estate Duvet

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The beautiful St Genève Estate duvet is truly of heirloom quality. With a loft of 670, the value speaks for itself. The high quality Polish white goose down is enclosed in a lovely 400 thread count sateen cover, making it perfectly soft and comfortable for a heavenly sleep every night.

Hand filled and sewn by the experts at St Genève, this duvet is guaranteed to be finished to perfection, for many years of sleeping bliss.

We firmly recommend using a clean duvet cover at all times and changing it often to preserve your duvet.

Certified under the ZURGUARD® system, all of our down products are guaranteed hypoallergenic.


PLEASE NOTE: All of our pillows and duvets are made-upon-order, by hand. Please allow up to 3 weeks production time for us to ensure that your product is held to the highest standards. We strongly urge you to read our Purchasing GuideProduct Care Guide and Terms Of Sales, before submitting your order.



Down Specifications:

  • 670 loft
  • White goose down imported from Poland
  • ZURGUARD® certified hypoallergenic
  • DOWNMARK® certified for authenticity


Shell Specifications:

  • 400 thread count
  • 100% cotton sateen cover
  • Hand sewn in sealed baffle box design
  • Piped with white sateen cording
  • Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® Class One



Please read:

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What is Loft? 

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Is white goose down better than others?

It is usually higher in loft than other types. The higher the loft, the higher the quality and the better it will be for bedding.

Is goose down better than duck?

Eiders are the only ducks that produce down of equal or greater quality to goose down. This is because geese are larger birds and larger birds produce larger clusters, which are most ideal for bedding. 

Is it warmer than polyester?

There is no synthetic material that can match the insulating power of natural down. 

What does Downmark certified mean?

The Downmark® symbol indicates that the product is certified by the Down Association of Canada. They are the global leader for authenticating, and reducing fraud.


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