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How to Find The Best Down Duvet

How to Find The Best Down Duvet

If you’re looking at upgrading your bedding to create the most luxurious sleeping space, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re used to sleeping under a standard run-of-the-mill comforter, then it’s time to consider taking your sleep experience to the next level. You won't believe just how magical it can be!

A duvet filled with high-quality natural or synthetic fibers such as down, wool, or feathers is far superior to a common quilted comforter. Pick the right one, and you’ll feel as if you’re sleeping under a fluffy cloud every night. The comfort and coziness is unmatched! But, with many to choose from, how do you pick the best duvet? Aside from selecting the right size, the most important factor in choosing the perfect bedding is to learn which filling you prefer. It’s up to you just how luxurious you want your bed to be.

Common Duvet Fillings To Consider 

It’s easy to see why duvets are a popular and practical choice. This beautiful product is actually an insert, so you can easily keep the covers clean and change your style whenever you are in the mood. Duvets are also far softer and warmer than synthetic comforters, but also cooler in the summer months. Think about the big fluffy bed coverings at the finest five-star hotels; those are duvets! They are commonly made of one of the following materials: 

Wool: Premium wool bedding can be quite good at regulating temperature but can sometimes have a “wool smell,” and some people are allergic to the material. They are a more affordable choice if you don’t have allergies. Wool duvets tend to be rather thin and don’t have that plushy feel most people are looking for. 

Synthetic Fibers: Synthetic fibers, such as polyester or plastic, are hypoallergenic and good for people with multiple allergies and skin sensitivities. They can also be made from microfiber. Some people do not like synthetic fillers as they don’t decompose and end up in the landfill, but they are by far the most affordable option. 

Feathers: It’s important to note that feathers are not the same as down. They are worlds apart. As a filling, feathers are cheaper but also heavier and far less effective than their down counterparts, and often have hard bits from the feathers quill. Sometimes they even stick out and poke you! Ouch! 

Down: This is the soft undercoating of geese and ducks. Goose and duck down fillings are softer and lighter than the other fillings. Most high-end comforters are filled with goose down. This extraordinary material is considered the most efficient insulator on Earth and also the most sustainable. 

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The Case For Goose Down As The Best Investment in Your Bedding

Several factors make goose down the best filling for top-tier bedding. First, it is the lightest while still being the warmest filling. Second, this remarkable filling is naturally resistant to clumping, a phenomenon that can ruin a good duvet over time. Finally, the material is breathable, so it can naturally regulate your body’s moisture and temperature, making sure you stay dry and comfortable all night. Not to mention the added level of luxury and coziness that comes with some of the higher quality goose downs. Some of these products are considered more luxurious than the famous Eiderdown comforters.  

It’s fair to say that nothing can compare to the natural abilities of premium goose down when it comes to being warm and cozy. You’ll experience the best sleep possible, and the effects can truly be life-changing. Getting quality sleep each night can improve your health and mood, as well as lower stress. The right bedding could be the most important investment of your life.

Our Personal Recommendation For The Best White Goose Down Duvet 

Luxury Sleep Shop carries a variety of high end bedding, all of which are truly remarkable. One of our favorites is the Polish White Goose Down St. Geneve Salzburg Duvet. Imported from Poland, the down is carefully hand-sorted so only the largest clusters are selected. The duvet is filled and hand-sewn into an elegant outer shell of 100% sateen cotton made in Germany. Try this bedding once, and you’ll never want to buy a different comforter again!

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