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What is The Warmest Bedding?

What is The Warmest Bedding?

Whether you’re trying to keep warm in the winter or you just enjoy a cozy bed, choosing the warmest quilts and comforters can make or break your sleep. Who doesn’t love pulling out their winter bedding every year for that extra cozy feeling when you settle in for the night? As temperatures plummet, the right goose-down duvet or a fleecy blanket can also keep heating costs down.

In this guide, we explore our favourite warm winter bedding options – from high quality goose down comforters to woolen duvets and blankets. We'll also go into important notes about materials, filling, and tog rating. 

We cover:

  • What is a Tog Rating?
  • Comparing Traditional and Modern Warm Bedding Options
  • Material and Filling
  • Flannel & Brushed Cotton



What is a Tog Rating?

Shopping for duvets online? If so, you’ll sometimes see a Tog rating. It’s an indicator of the warmth of products like bedding and sleepwear – specifically thermal grade. Though similar to bed sheet thread count, tog doesn’t refer to the quality of the product. Instead, a higher tog rating means a warmer duvet. It’s as simple as that.

For winter duvets (which are typically the heaviest and warmest) a tog rating of between 10 and 14 is optimal. But if your comforter is lower (down to around 4 tog), you can supplement it with blankets and flannel sheets. 

Of course, not all duvet or bedding companies use the tog system. Goose-down products, for example, often use weight as a proxy for warmth or name them by the seasons – e.g. ultralight, summer, classic, and winter.


Comparing Traditional and Modern Warm Bedding Options

Bedding evolved significantly over the centuries. We no longer rely on straw or animal skins to keep warm. When comparing traditional and modern warm bedding options, several key differences appear. Traditional, natural materials like wool and goose down create immense warmth (after all, they keep animals warm in cold conditions) with breathability, helping to regulate our body temperature and reduce sweating during sleep.

Modern bedding, on the other hand, incorporates synthetic materials like polyester fleece or other advanced technologies - heated electric blankets for example.

The problem with modern material is that they’re energy-intensive, sometimes itchy, and often uncomfortable. Sleepers tend to overheat, preventing correct temperature regulation. Nonetheless, modern materials are hypoallergenic and easier to care for. 

Bedding Material and Filling

There are several different duvet and bedding materials. Some of which are warmer than others. If you’re choosing a winter duvet, either wool or high-quality down filling is best. Here are your primary options:

Goose-Down Bedding. The most luxurious option, goose-down comforters and duvets are prized for their warm, cuddly properties. The puffy light warmth puts you right to sleep. Like most natural materials, this remarkable filling is also optimal for moisture transport. So, it will keep you warm but won’t make you sweat.

Wool Bedding. This is the most common traditional choice historically. Made from natural sheep fibers, wool is anti-bacterial, durable, and moisture-wicking. It is often used for other bedding products as well – the material is a popular choice for blankets, which are the perfect combination with a goose-down duvet.

Synthetic Fabrics. These fairly recent innovations are the best option for people on a budget or who just do not like down or wool. Made from materials like polyester (although newer fibers are being created), they tend to be cheaper than traditional duvet fillings but at the cost of breathability and moisture-wicking, and they are less sustainably sourced with a large carbon footprint.

Duvets are just one bedding type. Some people enjoy sleeping with quilts, blankets, and flannel sheets. Again, wool and down both make excellent comforters. However, goose down provides a much softer, cozier feel than their woolen counterparts.


Flannel and Brushed Cotton

When it comes to sheets or bed linens the warmest options are the classic flannel sheets or, another alternative is brushed cotton, which has a similar feel to flannel. One difference between the two is that flannel has the soft fuzzy feel on both sides while brushed cotton usually only has this treatment on one side. Both products add an extra element of comfort and coziness. If breathability is a concern for you, we recommend using these winter linens only as a bottom or fitted sheet.

warm cizy bedding


The Superior Warmth of Goose Down Duvets

Nothing beats goose down for warmth and softness. There’s a reason geese rely on these lightweight, waterproof feathers when they brave the freezing colds of their habitat. Eastern Europe is the most popular source of goose down. Famed worldwide for its high-quality down pillows and duvets, countries like Poland and Hungary boast the finest white down on the planet.

But that’s not all – down works because it holds onto the heat during cold winter nights. With a soft and light feel, it doesn’t smother you; it feels like sleeping in a cloud. And with excellent moisture-wicking properties, you’ll stay dry all night long.


Should You Add a Mattress Protector?

Adding a mattress protector doesn’t just prevent staining; it also locks in the warmth from both sides. A thick mattress protector stops heat from leaving your body and provides comfort. Meanwhile, your luxury goose-down duvet or comforter keeps you warm yet dry. It’s a winning combination. You’re just one big cozy sandwich!

In addition, mattress protectors reduce wear and tear on your mattress. Sleeping on a mattress nightly can leave imprints and other damage. Using a mattress protector, as the name suggests, ensures your mattress stays comfortable and functional.


So What's the Most Important Bedding For Winter?

Our verdict is that goose-down bedding is not only the warmest but also the most resilient and sustainable option. Tried and tested for centuries, there’s a reason we continue to rely on its soft, fluffy clouds for unparalleled warmth and comfort.

Have you not yet experienced the wonders of goose down? We invite you to try our most luxurious comforters, the Polish White Goose Down Embassy Duvet. Available in Ultralight, Summer, Classic, and Winter. Filled with the highest quality down anywhere in the world, its genius design and its lightweight cotton batiste cover promise a perfect night’s sleep.
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