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Why A Goose Down Duvet is the Perfect Unique Wedding Gift

Why A Goose Down Duvet is the Perfect Unique Wedding Gift

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A Gift That Lasts A Lifetime

When purchasing a wedding present, you’re purchasing a gift for, not just one but two, people who mean a lot to you. You want their relationship to last a very long time, so it’s important to give them something that will also last a very long time. A wedding gift should be of exceptionally high quality, and it should be durable like a strong relationship. A good marriage should also be warm and cozy, like a beautiful goose down duvet. Just like a marriage, if taken care of properly, a good quality duvet can last a lifetime. And what better gift for the newlyweds than something they can snuggle up underneath together every night.

Often wedding gifts can favor one person more than the other. It’s difficult to find something you know the bride and groom will enjoy equally, but with a down comforter you’ll know that both parties are going to enjoy the benefits of your gift every day. Toasters are great, but not everybody likes toast!


A Practical & Personal Gift

It is often said that a wedding gift should be practical but with a personal touch. Many wedding gifts are very “cookie-cutter” and stereotypical. It’s important to give the new couple something that says you really put some thought into it, and into them and their needs. You want them to have that warm feeling when they open it. A duvet is definitely one wedding gift idea that checks all the right boxes. No chance of coming off as unimaginative or indifferent. The gift of bedding is a gift that says you care.

Many people struggle when purchasing a wedding present because they don’t know what color or pattern to get. This is often an issue people find with linens or furniture. It’s difficult to know exactly what the bride and groom's preferences are for the fine details. Fortunately with a duvet, you don’t have to worry about this. Duvets are almost always white. No one is going to be expecting one in any other color, and because they go inside a duvet cover, it’s up to the newlyweds to choose those color schemes and patterns for themselves. You provide them with the comfort and coziness, and they can customize it however they want.


A Beautiful Gift For an Indian Wedding

In some cultures, there is a wedding tradition of exchanging gifts between the families as well, not just from you to the newlyweds, but as a symbol of appreciation from one family to the other. For example in Indian culture there is a custom called the Shagun or Roka ceremony. This is when the bride's father will visit the home of the groom's family to offer gifts. These Shagun and Roka gifts often include money or clothing, but other valuable items including bedding can be exchanged as well. A luxury down duvet could be the perfect unique gift offering for these Indian wedding traditions.

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It’s also common in Indian culture for the bride and groom to begin living together, for the first time, after marriage. This means they’ll be starting fresh, in a new home together. They will need all of the household essentials, so bedding is a must! A beautiful goose down duvet is a great place to start when sending the bride and groom on their journey of living together. Let them establish their new home with elegance and beauty. Luxury bedding is a thoughtful and unique wedding gift for many other cultures as well. The gift of a finely crafted down comforter says “I care about you” in any language.


The Perfect Fit For The Perfect Couple

One challenge you might face when purchasing a duvet for a wedding gift, is knowing what size to get. If you haven’t been in the happy couple’s home or their bedroom, you might not know what size bed they have. It’s simple enough to just ask them this question, which is perfectly acceptable, but if you’re worried about spoiling the surprise, you can always ask a loved one or a close friend to get the bed size for you. It’s important to get this information and make sure it’s accurate. You wouldn’t want to give someone the wrong size duvet for their bed. Especially since, in many cases, it’s difficult to return or exchange down bedding.

It’s also important to determine which weight of duvet you should get the newlyweds. Some people sleep hot, and others are always cold. You want to get as much information as possible about the couples sleeping preferences. If you’re lucky, they will both sleep at the same temperature, but if the bride sleeps hot and the groom sleeps cold, the safest bet is to get them a medium or classic weight duvet. You know, compromise is an important part of a healthy marriage!


Many Beautiful Duvet Options

Luxury Sleep Shop offers a beautiful variety of premium duvets, any couple would be thrilled to have in their home. Made with Canadian or Polish goose down, our duvets are hand filled and stitched to perfection. One of our favorites is the prestigious Embassy duvet, made with 1000 loft down, making it one of the most luxurious duvets in the world. A more affordable option is the gorgeous Ziegler duvet made with carefully sorted 850 loft down. It is truly stunning and incredibly cozy. There are many other options as well. All of them held to the highest standards for quality materials and workmanship. Any bride and groom would be absolutely thrilled to own one of our exquisitely sumptuous duvets. What a comforting way to start your life together.

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The Gift of Luxury & Comfort

Giving the happy couple the gift of down bedding for their wedding is a thoughtful and unique alternative to the overflow of predictable wedding gifts every engaged couple dreads. If you think about it, what you’re really giving them is their own peaceful sanctuary. The most important piece of the most important room in their home. A place to share special moments together, and perhaps most importantly of all, you’re giving them the gift of a more restful sleep. A place to recharge. That alone is more valuable than any other gift imaginable.

When you wave goodbye to the newlyweds on their wedding night, they’ll be off to begin making precious memories together, starting with their honeymoon. There’s no reason the honeymoon has to end when the honeymooners come back from vacation though! Why not give them the gift of a luxury duvet so they can bring that hotel quality bedding experience into their own bedroom at home. Let them continue to feel pampered for years and years to come. Every night when they settle into their cozy bed they’ll remember the beautiful gift they received on that special day.
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