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The Legacy of St Genève Down Bedding

The Legacy of St Genève Down Bedding

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How the St Genève Story Began

It was more than fifty years ago when St Geneve founder, Michael De La Place, found himself surrounded by the cushy wonders of his parents European down duvet. At that time, down bedding was somewhat unfamiliar to North Americans, and Michael fell in love with this amazing product. He learned that there was nothing quite as cozy and comfortable as being enveloped within a beautifully made down comforter. Michael’s ambitions soon began to focus on creating elite quality pillows and duvets in Canada.


Creating Beautiful Bedding & Restful Sleep

Today, St Geneve is one of the leaders for quality and craftsmanship in the bedlinen world. They have a reputation for designing exquisite possibilities and for creating the kind of serene refuge that lies between days and dreams - A place where the worries of the world melt away. Their mission is to bring that indulgence into bedrooms everywhere. It is their belief that as you nestle into a Saint Geneve bed, you will enjoy the same sensation, and feel the same sense of wonder that Michael felt all those years ago.


Setting The Bar High For The Bedding Industry

St Geneve prides themselves on making every decision with comfort and quality in mind. Their foremost commitment is to authenticity. It is in their very nature, as a company, to continue striving to make the most luxurious and durable bed linens, down duvets, and pillows available anywhere. Their team of designers travel around the world to source the finest natural fabrics and fibers. Making sure that their materials are unique in their beauty, and that their suppliers are held to the highest ethical and quality standards.

Through their expert engineering, trusted warranties, research, and exceptional service, St Geneve is actively advancing the standards of the industry on a daily basis. Many of their loyal partners in service and supply-chain have been with them for decades. Together, they have built a world-class reputation for unmatched expertise, attention to detail, and a dedication to down industry knowledge and sustainable practices. They are creating more than the finest pillows and comforters in the world; They are creating a lifetime of comfort and restful bliss.


Sourcing the World's Finest Down & Linens

Though proudly Canadian, St Geneve is honored to be the link between North America and the remarkable goose down and linen fabrics of Europe. They work closely with the most trusted and reputable mills in places like Poland, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Egypt. These sources are proven to provide the highest quality and standards for their products.

Let us not forget though, that some of the finest down on Earth is cultivated right in St Geneves backyard. Canadian goose down is known as a world leader for extraordinary loft and quality. Various species of geese call the cold climates of Canada their home, but they’re always warm, thanks to the magic of down.


Luxury Down Pillows & Duvets

Two of their most popular products are the Lajord duvet and the Salzburg duvet. The Salzburg duvet is filled with some of the finest goose down Poland has to offer, while the Lajord duvet is filled with some of the finest goose down Canada has to offer. Both countries are known, globally, for producing the fluffiest and most extraordinary down in the industry. All of the St Geneve downs are procured exclusively with pillows and duvets in mind, putting their down filling in a league of its own.

For those looking for the next level of luxury, the company has that covered as well. They offer two ultra-elite downs. The Embassy duvet, which has a loft of 1000, making it the highest loft down in the world, is truly a one of a kind product. They also have the prestigious Eiderdown duvet, which is unanimously considered the most luxurious duvet on the market. It is truly the pinnacle of pure indulgence when it comes to luxury bedding. They also make Embassy and Eiderdown filled pillows, for the ultimate in soothing support, and a heavenly sleep every night.

If you’re looking for a more restful night's sleep, you need to start with the right pillow. The lush, lofty pillows from St Geneve are designed for comfort and support. Many have compared their experience, with these pillows, to resting their head on a cloud. I’m not sure how accurate that is, but it’s hard to imagine anything more comfortable. The Ziegler pillow and the Estate pillow are two popular choices, and a great value. All of the Saint Geneve pillows are built to last with high thread count linens imported from Europe. How can something so light and fluffy be so strong and durable? That is a trade secret that I cannot divulge.

Though they are expert bedsheet and linen makers as well, St Geneve’s true specialty has always been down pillows and comforters. They have been making this luxury bedding for so long, it is hard to imagine another manufacturer with as much experience and expertise. Certainly they are producing the highest quality product of its kind in North America.

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Authenticity & Craftsmanship

The St Geneve atelier in British Columbia, Canada is fortunate to be staffed by many experienced, and skillful hands. These hands do incredible work and the people behind these hands pay very close attention to every detail. Each comforter is made with a proprietary baffle-box system, which greatly reduces the drifting of down throughout the duvet. With expert precision, each compartment is carefully filled with down before the duvet is stitched closed with great care. St Geneve is proud to support a female-lead and operated production team. Not only are they highly skilled and proficient, they’re also some of the sweetest ladies you’ll ever meet.

For many years St Geneve has been a proud member of the Down Association Of Canada, an independent, non-profit organization committed to protecting consumers from fraudulent goods. All St Geneve down products come with the Downmark® certificate of authenticity provided by the Down Association of Canada. Downmark® is the global symbol for quality. They've been committed to protecting consumers for more than 40 years. St Geneve is also committed to these efforts. Customers can rest assured that when dealing with them, they are always getting a genuine, authentic product.

St Geneve bed furnishings also come with certifications from other organizations, such as Zurguard, SoLoft, Oeko-Tex, and Superwash. These authentication measures ensure benefits like natural fibers, downproof fabrics, and that their products are machine washable, and hypoallergenic. Every measure is taken to provide the customer with the most trustworthy, reliable, and healthy bedding possible.

They are so confident in the quality of their bedding that St Geneve commits to an extensive warranty on all of their goods. When you purchase their down products you are protected for 20 years on duvets and 5 years on pillows. This guarantee covers any defects in the fabric and any flaws in the workmanship. The warranty also guarantees that all of their bed ware is hypoallergenic.


A Reputation That Speaks For Itself

To see how reputable the brand is, look no further than the customers. If you’ve met someone who owns a St Geneve product, I’m betting they have pretty good taste and a desire for exceptional comfort. These customers know what they want and they know quality when they see it.

Various upscale hotels and luxury cruise liners have made St Geneve their bedding of choice. You’ve heard the term “hotel quality”. Well they’re not talking about the Holiday Inn. They’re talking about very fine establishments with very fine taste, so it’s no wonder they’re attracted to the lavish down comforters and pillows produced at the Saint Geneve workshop.

Respected public figures, luminaries, and celebrities from far and wide have also entrusted their comfort and coziness to St Geneve. Their duvets and pillows are featured in some very impressive households. If we were to do some name-dropping you would surely be amazed, but maybe we’ll just leave that to your imagination!


The Passion Continues

Yes, they’ve come a long way since Michael's vision first occurred to him, bundled in his parents' duvet, all those years ago. Since their humble beginnings, St Geneve has achieved many milestones and made many cherished relationships. They have filled hundreds of thousands of homes with beautiful comforters and pillows, and have become one of the world's most trusted and beloved bedding designers and manufacturers. Still located in beautiful British Columbia, they continue to devote themselves to the same principles and aspirations they started out with more than fifty years ago. They continue to elevate the standards for the entire industry. Making sure that you and your loved ones have available to them the actual materials that sweet dreams are made of.
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