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Is Eiderdown The Best Summer Duvet?

Sleep is important all year round. In the summer, it can be particularly challenging to balance cozy comfort with the season’s characteristic heat. Trying to decide what is the best summer bedding is something a lot of people struggle with. So often, we get caught up in appearance and linen types and end up worrying more about the duvet cover than what's inside it. What is going to make the bed and bedroom look aesthetically pleasing is important, but comfort should always come first. A good quality summer comforter is the secret to staying the right temperature all night. The biggest thing to consider, when choosing the right duvet to wrap yourself up in while you slumber, is the filling. This is especially important in the hottest and coldest months of the year. Some fillings are more breathable and responsive to your body than others, and at the very top of this list is the magical and highly sought after Eiderdown. Lets take a look at some of the reasons why this remarkable filling is considered the highest quality and most luxurious bedding material on Earth, and why it's perfect for those warm summer nights.


The Filling in Your Bedding Should Always Come first

A duvet is only as good and luxurious as what it is stuffed with. The most breathable linens wont do you any good if your bed filling isn't breathing too. Eiderdown is a rare resource with only 4,000 kilograms produced each year. Though its loft of 700 sounds less impressive than down rated at 1,000 loft, eider filling has unique qualities, making it more efficient. The down has incredibly high density and cling, allowing it to insulate at a much higher than expected capacity. Eiderdown also has the incredible ability to react to body heat. The down will adjust to the person’s body heat, which regulates temperature. In the winter, eiderdown will keep you warmer by expanding to create air pockets, trapping in warm air and body heat. In the summer, eiderdown shrinks to keep you cool, allowing moisture and body heat to escape. The down is able to do this all while being exceptionally lightweight and breathable.


Why is Eiderdown so Rare?

Eiderdown is the softest, most sumptuous down to exist. This down is often associated with Iceland, but it comes mostly from the Canadian arctic and subarctic coastal regions. The black and white eider ducks can be found across North America, Europe, and eastern Siberia. Eiderdown is delicately plucked from her own chest by the female eider ducks. She uses her feathers to build a nest. To harvest eiderdown, it must be collected in small, incremental portions from the eider nest. Local farmers have created a symbiotic relationship with their beloved ducks over generations. Today, this relationship is key to collecting eiderdown without harming or disturbing the ducks or their nests. This makes the harvesting of this material very slow and meticulous. Regulations also prohibit the amount of down that can be collected each year. In Canada the proceeds from eider product sales go directly toward continuing the sustainability of collection while protecting their natural habitat so these remarkable birds can continue to nest safely year after year.

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The Perfect Bedding For Warm Weather

Eiderdown has an incomparable quality to it. It changes with the seasons and grows with you. This filling is soft, responsive, and feels like you’re sliding into a four-star hotel’s bed every night. As one of the most sought after duvet fillings in the world, it’s also the closest thing you’ll ever get to sleeping wrapped in a cloud. Because it is so rare, it isn’t the most affordable option on the market. Goose down is a wonderful and more affordable alternative that will grow with you throughout the seasons.

To cool off after a long day enjoying all of summer’s sunny activities, you’ll want to curl up with the softest, lightest, and most enjoyable duvet you can. Our eiderdown duvets  are certified with a seal of authenticity so you can rest knowing you have the best duvet filling on the planet for comfort, weight, and breathability. Keeping your bed and bedroom comfortable takes a little effort, but investing in the right materials can keep you cool and sleeping peacefully every night.
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