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What is Hotel Quality Bedding?

What is Hotel Quality Bedding?

Hotels offer an escape from the world we know. Whether that’s on a work trip, a relaxing holiday, or an adventurous vacation. Hotels are the home away from home we turn to. Some we enjoy more and some are just a stop to sleep. They are in the business of making your stay as lovely and restful as possible. The most necessary thing every hotel offers: a bed.

The beds in luxury hotels are often what dreams are made of. Piled high with plush, puffy pillows and fancy duvets. Or sleek and minimalistic with the finest bedlinens. It’s no wonder kids jump on them. They’re inviting, but what makes them so appealing? What makes it hotel-quality bedding?


The Magic of Hotel Bedding

Every night of sleep is not created equal. Just like not all bedding is created equal. Sleep is finicky for so many people. But, have you ever wondered why you get such great sleep in a hotel? There are lots of reasons. The number one reason is probably the fact that you're on vacation and you're getting away from the stress of every day life. With fewer worries, it's easier to sleep.

There is something special about sliding into a hotel bed. It's hard to put that feeling into words. How many movies and books have depicted the sheer pleasure of opening a hotel room and flopping onto the bed. That’s because the best hotels invest in creating comfortable, relaxing beds people will want to return to time and time again. Some of the worlds fanciest hotels even have their own line of luxury bedding, and a menu to choose your pillow firmness before you check in.


Bringing Hotel Quality Bedding Home With You

That experience is not just for hotels and vacations. You can have it at home too if you invest in the highest quality bedding. You just need to know what to look for and where to look for it. Hotel-grade bedding refers to bedding made from the finest, most opulent materials, often made to order with careful attention to every detail. The higher grade linens and fillings provide a comfortable, relaxing, and texturally memorable experience as the rester is lulled into a deep, tranquil sleep.

You wont find these premium bedding products in your big box chain store or on Amazon, despite what they may claim. Usually thy are sold at smaller boutique retailers or through websites like our who have close ties with the right manufacturers.


a bright bedroom with a luxurious white bed


The Best Hotel Quality Pillows and Duvets

Two of the most noticeable differences between every-day bedding and hotel quality are the pillows and the duvets. These are light and fluffy yet luxurious and sumptuous. The key component separating hotel quality from the average bedding options is the usage of premium goose down. This precious filling is a soft under plumage found in geese and ducks to keep them warm and dry. A difference between feathers and down is that feathers have a hard quill, while down does not. When duvets and pillows are stuffed with goose down it not only keeps sleepers cozy and warm, it also stays light and cool in the summer months. The perfect option for all seasons to feel like you are falling asleep nestled between clouds!

Our premium goose down pillows and duvets are the perfect investment in your sleep, which is an investment in your overall happiness. Our products are what they're talking about when they say "hotel-quality". The better your sleep, the better your life. You deserve the best!
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