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How to Get Your Bed and Bedroom Ready for Summer

How to Get Your Bed and Bedroom Ready for Summer

Summer is right around the corner, and for many in the world, the heat has already arrived. On average, a person will spend 26 years of their life sleeping and an additional seven years trying to fall asleep. That’s a lot of time to spend in bed, so make it luxurious and comfortable for the season you’re in! We’re in the business of luxury bedding, which means we care about the sleep you’re getting. It’s more than just your bedding!


Out with the Heavy in With the Light

Get rid of the heavy, dark materials. Summer means cozy in a very different way than winter. So pack away all the fuzzy, heavy, dark things into a closet and out of sight. Even visual reminders of heavy fabrics can make heat feel even more overwhelming. When teh hot weather comes we need every facet of our environment to give feelings of coolness. A comfy summer means letting the breeze in with flowy, light fabrics. Light in color, light in weight, light in texture.


Decorate for Summer Vibes

Decorating your room for summer can bring joy as well as comfort to your time in bed. If you love your blackout curtains, which will help keep the heat out, add a layer of light colored curtains to create an airy feel. Remove any heavy rugs to let your wood floors keep you cool or replace with a natural fiber rug. Summer means everything is alive and growing, bring the outdoors in with some plants, which will add oxygen and touches of life. Those summer sunshine hours are precious, so maximize them with light colors breezy vibes!

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Summer Bedding Do's & Don'ts

Your bed should be the most comfortable place in your house. You should walk in and feel stress fall away. Crawling in bed at night should be a magical experience, leaving you cozy and well-rested even in the heat of summer. The best ways to achieve coziness even on warm nights is with light breathable materials. Most of us want to stay cool but also have the comfort of being covered.

It’s important to have summer bedding. Your sleep needs tend to change with the seasons, so don’t use your winter bedding in the summer. Instead opt for light, breathable fabrics. Whether you prefer cotton or linen is a personal choice. Light colors help deflect heat, keeping you cool throughout the night. Goose down pillows are a lovely addition because they’re comfortable and cool throughout the night.

One of the most important bedding items is your duvet! There is such a thing as a summer duvet, which is light and breathable and keeps you surprisingly cool while giving you the comfort of being covered. Some companies even make an ultralight duvet which is even more light and airy. Investing luxury down bedding means you'll have a bed you'll love getting in to and that is not something you should compromise on. Goose down duvets not only feel like a fluffy cloud, they grow with you through the seasons. What keeps you warm and insulated in the winter is light and airy enough to keep you cool in the summer. The high-quality natural fibers are more resilient than a common quilted duvet. When you’re choosing a duvet cover, it’s best to choose a cotton or linen in a light color to maintain the airiness.


Get Your Bedroom Summer Ready!

Summer keeps us playing and enjoying the outdoors, which means at the end of the day we’re ready to crash into a perfect comfy bed. Something bright and light, and as calm and peaceful as a summer breeze. Investing a bit of time and resources into transforming your bedroom into a perfect summer sanctuary is an absolute must. The time to get started is now, so go for it and make it the most relaxing summer ever!
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